• Christina Anderson

Sewing with my Mom


Hi everyone and thank you for reading our blog, Sewing with my Mom. Like many of you my mother has been my teacher, mentor, and friend. She is the one responsible for my ability to sew. She, like her mother before her, swore up and down that I would one day be thankful for the skills she has taught me at the sewing machine. And, as mothers so often are, she was right. I am just the latest in a long line of women in my family that have learned to sew from their mothers. Our company, Sheridan Art and Designs, is named for my grandmother, who dragged my mother kicking and scream inside to learn to sew when she would have rather helped her father fix the family car. Despite our mutual initial resistance to sewing, we have both learned to love quilting and designing together.

This blog will be about my mother and me, and our adventures sewing together. I promise to share not only our triumphs, but also our mistakes and I hope that some of you will also share your projects and history. Until next time, just keep sewing!


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