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Mother-Daughter Hunter's Stars

Hello again!

This week, by a happy accident, my mother and I have been working on the same block (hunter’s star) for two very different quilts. Because of this, we got to do something we have not had a chance to do in awhile, work together on one project. We decided that we would both work on one set of hunter’s stars and then shift over and work on the second set so that we both got our blocks done in half the time. It can be super fun to split the work up and work collaboratively instead of having to do all of the steps, over and over again, all by yourself. Typically we have one person who stitches and the other cuts and presses, this way we are accomplishing two steps in the time it would typically take to do one step by yourself. Do any of you work with someone else on your quilts, or are you all about the solo sewing life?

Now, originally, the hunter’s star block was cut and stitched together one piece at a time. That’s an insane amount of little pieces! I definitely would have opted out of that! However, thanks to Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star Ruler, these blocks go together much faster. By sub-cutting strips into trapezoids, attaching triangles, and trimming down your blocks it’s easy to get a lot of blocks done quickly and accurately.

The other great thing about a hunter’s star quilt is that it is infinitely customizable depending on your fabric, layout, or color combinations. I thought our mother-daughter hunter’s star quilts would give me a good opportunity to show you (pictures, yay!) how the same block can make two very different quilts based on color choice, fabric, and what you put with it (borders, center panels, etc.).The Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star Ruler comes with directions for the traditional two color star, but it also has notes throughout the directions so that you know what to change if you are doing a three or four color star. Because we like a challenge, my mom and I both decided to do five color stars! My mom chose to make a solid hunter’s star quilt with a total of 80 blocks in 4 deep jewel tone colors with a cream/gold metallic background. She paired her quilt with a border of cascading lemoyne stars in matching jewel tone fabrics. Her quilt is classic and stunning ( will be able to see it at Sisters!). My quilt is made from fabric I have had in “the stash” for several years now. It is Egyptian themed, which I paired with 4 colorful metallics that highlighted the colors within the fabric pattern. I also made a small center panel featuring the eye of Horus, which emphasizes the Egyptian theme. I will also pair mine with a few simple borders using fabric from the same line. They are not quite finished yet, but I promise to post finished pictures once they are quilted.

Have any of you made a hunter’s star quilt? Pop some pictures in the comments!

Until next time, just keep sewing.


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